Things to do

Things to do in Northern Cyprus

Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

North Cyprus scuba diving is fantastic; whether you want to swim amongst ancient wrecks, modern maritime mistakes or outstanding natural features. You might even find a turtle swimming alongside you too! There are dive centres all over North Cyprus.  You can do a trial dive before you sign up to a full course to make sure that you really do want to go ahead and learn.  Make sure any instructor is fully qualified though, and ask to see the dive school’s accreditation and insurance!

You can get more details from below web pages.

Amphora Diving Centre

Information on dive courses, prices, dive sites, photographs of dive centres, facilities, staff, dive sites and more.

Scuba Cyprus

The first and largest professionally run diving centre of North Cyprus, offering a full range of PADI courses and the most comprehensive range of diving services for experienced, novice divers, singles, groups and complete beginners.

Paragliding in North Cyprus

Soar like a bird from the stunning Kyrenia Mountains down to the coast of North Cyprus. Paragliding in North Cyprus is the way all paragliding should be: exciting, uncrowded and remarkably affordable.

After an easy take off involving a few steps down a gentle slope, you will be treated to spectacular views of unique scenery of Northern Cyprus.

Whether you want a gentle scenic flight or an adrenaline joy ride, your pilot can tailor your flight to suit what you would like.

Your flight will end after, we land gently and controlled on the Girne Coast.

Highline Tandem Paragliding

See the beauties of Northern Cyprus from a different angle. Phone +90 542 855 5672

‘’An activity that we tried whilst on holiday was paragliding. We found a brochure on display at Manolya hotel. Highline Tandem Paragliding have a shop in the harbour in Girne. We were picked up by Highline and taken to their launch site  just above St.Hilarion castle and about 2500 feet above sea level. We were strapped into a harness with a seat and clipped securely to our pilot and a large parachute type of wing. When the wind conditions were right we ran towards a steep slope at the top of the mountain and after a few steps we were airborne. The pilot controlling the paraglider looks for warm air which makes the craft rise. We soared like  a bird for about 45 minutes. The views of the mountains, the coast line and the whole area were amazing. We rose to a height of 1100 metres. Before we landed we carried out some aerobatic moves which were better than any roller coaster ride. We landed very softly and on our feet at a landing site near the main road down from Karaman. In all  we both felt it was an experience of a lifetime and would recommend it to any of your hotel guests.’’ Kate @ Susi September 2007

North Cyprus Go-Karting

Feel the need, the need for speed!  North Cyprus offers one of the best go-karting circuits in the Mediterranean. The Karting track in Nicosia is a world class facility and is reputedly the third best track in the world. The adult karts are twin engine and go very fast. Children, who must be over 8, race on their own track and have single engine karts which move fast enough for them. Check with them before you go in case there is not a local race meeting on.

ZET KartingGo-karting is a must-do event with your friends and family during your holiday in North Cyprus. The ZET Karting circuit is designed to hold races with 5 different track modes and meet international standards. The ZET complex includes a  Z1 Bar and Z1 Cafeteria so you can relax after a competitive race or  for your family members to watch you while sipping a cold drink. The  ZET International Karting Circuit is just outside Nicosia, you can call them on +90 533 866 6173 for directions and to book yourself in.

North Cyprus Water Sports

From water skiing to bouncing around on a banana ride, the warm waters of the Mediterranean around North Cyprus are a water sports playground you’ll really love!  In the summer there are a number of places that provide various water sports.

Sun Set Water Sports

Sun Set Watersports  offer you an excellent opportunity to take a holiday and enjoy Sailing, Fishing, Paintballing and Watersports  just  5 minutes walk from Manolya Hotel .                 Call 0090 533 865 4959

Dolphin Water Sports

Dolphin Watersports offer you an excellent opportunity to take a holiday and enjoy Sailing, Scuba Diving and Watersports at a prime location.

Fishing in North Cyprus

You only need to gaze into the warm waters around North Cyprus to see that there are plenty of fish here just ready for the catching. There are a number of boats in Kyrenia Harbour (£40 per person for about 4 hours). Another option is the around The Manolya Hotel where the sea is perfect for fishing and snorkelling, all you need is your fishing line.

Sun Set Water Sports

Sun Set Watersports offers you an excellent opportunity to take a holiday and enjoy Sailing, Fishing, Paintballing and Watersports and only a 5 minute walk fromThe Manolya Hotel.  Call 0090 533 865 4959 

The Amanda Suzanne

The Amanda Suzanne offers fishing trips tel. +90 533 842 9965 or +90 533 877 9607

North Cyprus Paintball

Stalk your opponents through the North Cyprus landscape, then splat them with your paintball, and grab the flag to win! Fun for all the family. North Cyprus is a great place to experience the thrill of paintball for the first time, amongst stunning scenery and greenery. Paintball involves two teams competing against each other, each trying to capture the other’s flag while defending their own. You are "’armed" with a paintball gun, powered by nothing more harmful than CO2 gas, and a supply of paintballs. North Cyprus paintballs are simply round gelatine balls, filled with a non-toxic, water-soluble, bright paint, which burst on impact with a satisfying ‘splat’. The paintball gun that fires them shoots at a maximum rate of 300 fps, so they are efficient without being overpowering. North Cyprus paintball companies will also provide you with specially designed safety goggles , masks and protective clothing. Now you’re ready for action! If you want to combine beach, food and paintball, then the Sunset Club in Lapta, offers the lot, including two swimming pools for you to cool off in afterwards!  Call 00 90 533 865 4959 to book your paintball experience.

North Cyprus Walking

Walking: There are the most beautiful walks to be found in North Cyprus and many ways to enjoy them. There are organised day walks, organised walking holidays, way marked trails, themed walks such as Orchid walks etc. To find out more there are various websites to visit: The Cape to Cape Way marked trail, maps, profiles and much more:  (This site also gives links to themed walking options). Localised way marked trails

Organised walks and walking holidays:

Kyrenia Mountain Trail Association

An exciting and challenging  230km trail along the length of the Bespamark and Kyrenia mountain chain, which traverses the whole northern coast of Cyprus, east to west.

Mountain Biking

A very enjoyable way to take in the wonderful countryside is by bike. You can hire professional, top quality Marin Bob Cat Trail Mountain bikes from Cyprus Active in Gecitkoy. All sizes available including ladies models. For more information visit:


North Cyprus Beaches

Fed up with pebbly beaches packed with tourists and fringed by high-rise developments as far as the eye can see? Come to North Cyprus, where golden beaches stretch for miles along the unspoilt Northern Cyprus coastline.

Beach clubs - there are beach clubs springing up all over the island and all arrange various activities suitable for kids and teenagers. However, it is best to check the local papers or call ahead to establish what is happening on any given day. – try of the following:

Magic Island (LA) Beach Club – Lapta _ +90 392 821 8981?????

Camelot Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 392 821 1369

Escape Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 392 821 8084, 8330

Sun Set Beach Club – Lapta – tel  0090 533 865 4959

Mosquito Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 533 863 4191

Vogue Beach Club- Catalkoy – tel. +90 533 863 4191

Bird Watching in North Cyprus

Migrating birds love North Cyprus, and stop here on both northern and southern migrations. Combine this influx of visitors with the unique native species and you have the makings of an excellent "Bird Watching" holiday. This is a “must-do” for any dedicated twitcher! For details of Bird Watching in North Cyprus call the Bird Protection Society (KUSKOR) 0392 815 7337 who will be pleased to advise.

Turtle Watching in North Cyprus

The beaches of North Cyprus are generally sandy, clean and quiet, just what a nesting turtle likes! You can see these remarkable and endangered creatures in North Cyprus, and even volunteer to look after them!

Turtle Watching:
The sight of newly-hatched sea turtles scrabbling out of their sandy nest chambers on North Cyprus beaches and scuttling towards the open sea is a joy to watch. Their mothers have swum in the warm Mediterranean seas for twenty years before mating. One moonlit night they will come ashore to lay their eggs. The females come ashore in May and dig deep pits into which they lay their eggs, about 40 cm down, before carefully covering them with literally tonnes of sand. Then they swim away, leaving the eggs safe and cool in their sandy nest, the sand around the eggs has trapped air, which is vital to their development. Female green turtles can make several nests during a season, each containing a batch of eggs laid two weeks apart.

Hatching Sea Turtles in Cyprus:
Two months later, in July, the leathery eggs hatch and the tiny baby turtles head upwards into the open air. They frantically dig their way to the surface, emerging either in the cool of dawn or early evening, before scuttling out into the sea.  Or that’s the theory, anyway. For a newly-hatched sea turtle, their first instinct is head towards the light. For thousands of years this has meant the light from the sea, glowing gently in the moonlight, but with modern waterside developments, they can head the wrong way with disastrous results. In south Cyprus, modern developments have driven the turtles from all but a few of their nesting sites, but the quieter bays of Northern Cyprus and the Turkish coastline provide perfect breeding sanctuaries for the 300 green turtles and thousand loggerhead turtles that live in the Mediterranean.  You can even track the turtles via the internet, at

You may also contact The Turtle Protection Society on 00 90 392 815 2496 or 00 90 392 815 5135

Wild Donkeys of the Karpas Peninsula, North Cyprus

These wild donkeys live in a stunning, rugged landscape that is bordered by wonderful beaches. Irresistible for nature lovers, but don’t get too close to the donkeys; their bad temper is legendary!

North Cyprus Camping

Get away from it all by camping in North Cyprus. Deserted beach or cool mountains, the choice is yours!

Yachting around North Cyprus

Sailing the waters around North Cyprus is as relaxing as it sounds, with pretty harbours, wonderful marine life and stunning beaches all within easy reach.

Wild Flowers in North Cyprus

In spring, the North Cyprus countryside explodes into a glorious riot of wild flowers, including some very unusual orchids. Take a gentle walk on the wild side in North Cyprus, and the butterflies will rise in clouds from your feet. Beautiful!  The wild flowers (April/May) are very spectacular. Apparently there are over 30 types of wild orchids that are not found anywhere else. There are a number people who organise trips to see them.

Kyrenia Animal Sanctuary in North Cyprus

It is an ideal place to visit if you enjoy a walk in the hills. Visitors can visit daily between 0900 and 1300,  just off the main Famagusta road near Arapkoy ,and take their rescue dogs for a walk in the hills. We enjoy walking, but we found that visiting the animal sanctuary was a good excuse for a walk in the hills. The area has fabulous views down to the Turtle beach area and is wonderful for the dogs  who also enjoy their freedom in the hills.

Aqua Parks in North Cyprus

The warm waters of the Mediterranean sea,  around North Cyprus ,are an Aqua Park playground you’ll really fall for! However, in the summer there are a number of places that provide various Aqua Park facilities

Northern Cyprus boasts one of the best and biggest Aqua parks. Only  2 minutes walk from The Manolya Hotel.

Market’s in North Cyprus

Wednesdays and Mondays are the two main Market Days. The open market in North Cyprus Kyrenia is located near the police station and sports hall. Turn right (east) at the crossroad and the market is on the right near to and sort of behind the Arçelik furniture store and power sub-station.  The other popular market is in Lapta on Mondays  and held next to  the nursery school.

You will find fantastic value on a vast range of goods, especially fruit, vegetables, cheeses, yoghurts, oils and vinegars, often brought in from the country by farming families. You will also find fish, footwear, clothing and all sorts of odds and ends.

Cinemas’s in North Cyprus

Cinemas – the majority of cinemas in North Cyprus show films in their original language with Turkish subtitles.  There is the Galleria cinema in Kyrenia (tel. +90 392 815 9433) and the Lemar cinema in Karaoglanoglu (tel. +90 392 822 3565) or alternatively you can ask The Rocks Hotel in Kyrenia (tel. +90 392 815 2238) or Liquid Bar and Café in Kervansary (tel. +90 533 845 2004) when they are having a showing in their private cinemas.

Golf in North Cyprus

We have the CMC Golf Club near Guzelyurt tel. +90 533 840 1798 or +90 542 851 3884  Opened in 2007 the brand new and seriously flash Korineum Golf & Country Club is in Esentepe  tel. +90 392 600 1500 .This exciting 18 hole golf course is very impressive and apparently you can rent clubs. To find out about the price for a round (18 holes) and maybe even a few lessons, please give them a call.

Horse Riding in North Cyprus

Kozan Restaurant & Picnic Area (Mountain Retreat)

The Kozan Restaurant, situated high above Karsiyaka is in a unique setting where you can eat in harmony with nature, whilst enjoying outstanding views of the sea and on clear days, the Turkish coastline. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed, such as horse riding, mountain biking (by appointment) and walking. Also available are Jeep Safaris, BBQ and picnic areas and an organic farm shop. Something for all the family.

Cycling and Quad biking  in North Cyprus

Cycling – you can hire bikes from many of the main hotels in North Cyprus or try the Manolya Hotel.  Tel. +90 392 8218498

Quad biking – try Kid’s Quads – tel. +90 533 876 1863 or Northern Heights Quad Tours, tel. +90 533 868 5711

Casino’s in North Cyprus

You can (so we are told) visit the larger establishments located either in Kyrenia or along the coastal road from Lapta, put a few coins in the machines and get free food, drink and entertainment.

Barber Shop’s in North Cyprus

This is something you must definitely try during your holiday. You will get a good massage and a perfect shave after which you will feel five years younger, but tell them not to yank your head (manipulate your neck) off at the end. I’m serious!!! You can also get a good haircut. There is a very good barber shop at The Manolya Hotel.

Spa and Health Clubs in North Cyprus

The number of Spa and Health Clubs in North Cyprus are growing and improving. This will be a great attraction for the discerning holidaymakers who enjoy some special treatments, pampering and a totally relaxing indulgence while enjoying the unique and beautiful area of northern Cyprus island. 

For more information, or to book yourself  in for a treat at The Vaha Spa and Health Club Ltd, call Steve Wiggins on +90 533 866 9389 or Gill Ford on +90 533 863 2761

Or You can try Veronica in Lapta ( Just 2 minutes walk from Manolya Hotel) 00903928218962

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