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Frequently Asked Questions

Our guests have many questions before visiting our lovely resort. Here we have compiled a list of many of these common questions and their answers. If you have a question which is not answered here, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Where is Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, and how far is it from the Manolya Hotel?
Kyrenia is in the north of the island, in the prettiest and most unspoilt part of Cyprus. Cyprus is located south of Turkey, and is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

Kyrenia is characterised by a unique blend of mountains, plains and beaches. History abounds everywhere from the three great Crusader castles built in the time of Richard the Lionheart, to the Roman ruins of Salamis and Belapais Abbey. Manolya Hotel is 10 minutes drive west of Kyrenia town.
Which airport is nearest to you?
The one and only airport to Northern Cyprus is Ercan Airport (ECN), only a 45 minute taxi ride from our hotel. All flights to Northern Cyprus currently arrive via Turkey with a short stop at Antalya (AYT), Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) in Izmir, Dalaman (DLM), or Atatürk Airport (IST) in Istanbul.

Another option is Larnaca International Airport (LCA) in southern Cyprus. If you book your flight through Larnaca, we can arrange for your transfers to and from the airport.
Why does your Secure Online Payment Form not open?
If you have any difficulty making payments via our secure page please contact us and we will help you to pay from our secure page. We always prefer payments to be made using a secure connection. Please do not give your credit card details on the telephone or by e-mail, etc.
Should we bring our own towels and linen?
No, we provide bath and face towels and bed linens. Just bring your beach towels.
What currency is used in Northern Cyprus?
The standard currency in Northern Cyprus is the New Turkish Lira (YTL). GB Pounds and US Dollars are widely accepted, as well as traveller's cheques. You can get cash from ATM machines in many locations.

Do not bring too many Turkish Lira, as you will get a better exchange rate here for your cash currency. For information about current exchange rates, we recommend to convert to your local currency.
Are the costs of Transfers and Travel Insurance included in your prices?
We can arrange your transfer from all Airports in Cyprus. Transfers from Ercan Airport, about a 45 minute drive, cost approximately £25 (GBP). Transfer from Larnaca airport costs approximately £50, and is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away by car.

You won't need a visa, nor will there be any difficulties passing the border when you fly to Larnaca. For more flight details you can always contact us. We will be happy to book you the least expensive flights and transfers. Travel insureance is not included in our prices.
Can we collect the car at the airport?
We are always happy to hire a rental car for our guests. We can book a large selection of vehicles for your stay. Find more details on our car rental page. We can also deliver your car to Ercan Airport free of charge when you book more then 9 days. If you book less then 9 days we only charge you the petrol fee for deliver to Ercan airport.
Are there any restaurants nearby?
Yes, you will find many restaurants within 4-8 minutes walk. There is also a casino, a supermarket and several bars nearby.
What's the electricity voltage and how many pin plugs?
Electricity in Northern Cyprus is 240 Volts, using 3 pin plugs, the same as in the UK.
When do we pay?
If you book a package holiday with us we require a %30 deposit after we confirm and send you your flight details, and the balance of the payment 6 weeks before your holiday. If you book your own flights we only need a £100 (GBP) deposit, and the balance after your arrival.
What day of the week could I book a flight over to Northern Cyprus?
Currently there are 3 airlines that, combined, fly every day of the week. Depending on the UK departing airport and airline you choose to fly with, you shouldn't have a problem flying any day of the week.
Do I need any special vaccinations or are there any health issues I should be aware of?
As far as we are aware you don't need any special vaccinations but you should always consult your GP on this first. Northern Cyprus is very clean and free from infectious diseases. The mains water is perfectly safe to drink.

The only matter that might concern some tourists are mosquitoes, which are common the world over. We do provide anti-mosquito machines in all our accommodations. These require a supply of little blue tablets, which can be found locally in any market. For dining out in the evening one might require the extra protection of a mosquito repellent.
We are travelling with a newborn baby. Will I be able to purchase UK nappies and baby food, etc.?
Yes, the local supermarkets stock all the goods that you could find on the UK shelves, though these are imported goods that will cost more than you would expect to pay back in the UK. The same applies for any pharmaceutical goods.
On your car hire page I noticed that your prices are more expensive than what other companies are offering. What is the difference between your car and the cars of other companies?
The cars for hire aren't actually ours. We work with a very well established company that has been operating for many years. Our accommodation and hotel are of a very high standard, so we make sure your hired car meets our standards. That's why they are a little dearer. I am afraid it's the same the world over: you get what you pay for. All cars on offer are right hand drive (except where noted), in excellent condition and under 2 years old.
Is there room service?
There is a 24 hour room service available for drinks, and up to midnight light snacks can be ordered.
Is there a laundry service?
Yes we have laundry service available at extra cost. Simply provide your laundry in the morning and it will be ready that afternoon at 4.00 pm.
What can I expect while shopping in the area?
Popular souvenirs include: copper, silver, bronze and onyx objects; Turkish dolls, meerschaum pipes and tavla (a game similar to backgammon, played on the same board) boards (found in souvenir shops and stalls), jewellery, leather clothes and textiles can be purchased at low prices.

Shop opening times are between 8.00 am - 1.00 pm and 3.30 pm. Markets are open mornings only. You can find many kinds of Turkish Cypriot craftworks in many places of the island. Export of antiquities is illegal.