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Weíre writing this page at the request of Mehmet(hotel owner) to try to give people an insight into Northern Cyprus as we have been coming back for quite a number of years.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of places to visit and places to eat which we have enjoyed through our holidays.



This is a beautiful ancient set of ruins where you will find statues,mosaic floors,a wonderful gymnasium with huge pillars a theatre and many other

Ruined buildings.All this dates back as far as 1100BC.

There are toilets, restaurant and a beach attached to the car park.

Across the main road and only a very short car ride away you can find the royal tombs,this is a large sight that we found very interesting but doesnít seem to attract the number of visitors it deserves.

If you turn left out of the tombs you will come to our next place of interest within a very short ride.


This is only a very small monastry and museum but well worth a visit, itís

Full of ancient artifacts,icons and paintings.

From the hotel you could easily fit all of the above plus some shopping and sight seeing in Famagusta into a 1 day visit.


This is the most beautifully maintained castle on the island with many exhibits on show and once on top of the walls you get a fabulous view over

The harbour with all of itís boats, bars and restaurants(all of which are quite expensive).


A short drive from Kyrenia you come across the abbey which is set very high so you get some wonderful views.This was built in the 12th century and

Has been well preserved.


You will find this at Lefke itís the ruins of an old Persian palace,itís almost

Down to ground level now but the drive there through the orange groves of Guzelyurt and up the mountain to the palace for the views make the trip worth it.Also while your in this area there are the ruins of Soli well worth having a look at.




This is just of the main Kyrenia to Nicosia road.Itís set at three levels on the mountain side and you will need to be fit to make it to the top.The views from here are fantastic but it is one heck of a climb but well worth the effort.


There are other places of Historical interest as well and Mehmet will Iím sure be only to pleased to point them out.


One place everybody should visit is the KARPAZ this is were the turtles come in to lay their eggs and you can see wild donkeys just grazing in the fields.There are miles of open fields and wild countryside where you will see more wildlife than cars.There are some amazing beaches with plenty of small restaurants dotted about.If you should want to stay overnight there are quite a few small hotels who normally seem to have spare rooms,or you could check on the internet.I would suggest you donít use the coast road as there are major road works for miles,head for Bogaz there are road works this way as well but nowhere near as bad.


There is one trip local to the hotel that is beautiful and that is the mountain road from St Hilarion Castle to the village of  Karasiyaka.When you get to the castleís lower car park you will see a small road to the extreme left follow this and you will see some truly breath taking views of both sides of the mountain.You will also come across a wreck of a tank from the 70ís conflict.

The road is in good condition but does get a bit narrow in places and a large part of the trip is made safer by the fact that a low concrete wall has been built along the edge of the mountain road.




You will find the signpost for the restaurant on the left hand side of the road going towards Kyrenia in the village of  Alsancak take the left hand turn and proceed for about 200yds you will see it on the right.

Salih is the owner who is not just very friendly but serves some of the best food in Northern Cyprus.This is our favorite place on the whole of the island to eat,you will come out completely full for about 60 lira(£25) for two people obviously depending on what you have.



If you turn right out of the hotel you can walk to rosyís in a couple of minutes,this place is only small but right beside the beach where you can hire beds and brollies for a small charge.

The place is run buy a young couple with another couple of lads waiting tables,it is very friendly and serves really good meals or you can just have a light lunch and a drink.

On the way to rosyís you go by the celebrity hotel in the basement you will find


This place is run by an English couple who will serve you up a good light lunch like bacon or sausage rolls or chips plus various other things.

The place is very friendly and has the added advantage of several TVíS showing sky tv and also has for a small charge, internet access.

The other thing is itís very comfortable seating,armchairs and sofas with coffee tables.


This is on the right hand side of the main road towards Kyrenia.Itís an expats meeting place but you can get an excellent meal especially fish & chips like at home.


Again on the right hand side of the main road to Kyrenia,an excellent place all-round, super food,great service in a good setting.Has a large menu of English and Cypriot dishes something for everyone.Some what more expensive than the others but worth it.


This is a fairly new little place.You turn right out of the hotel and follow the road to the top of the mountain where you come to a junction on the the right hand side,donít turn right but look left you will see a little dirt track running parallel with the road follow this for about 120mtrs to the restaurant.They really only serve traditional Cypriot kebabs but they are beautiful.You also have stunning views over a reservoir set in the valley below.


The hotel itself.

The food was really good at a very affordable price.It has a varied menu to suit everyone.And the beauty of eating in is you can have a drink(try the brandy sour).




Finally a bit about the hotel itself.Mehmet and his family have made huge improvements to the place since weíve been coming to Cyprus.Every time we return we find something else has been improved.It has changed from a typical Turkish hotel into a place where any nationality would feel welcome.

You now have a lovely restaurant and bar area overlooking the pool and the sea.The pool is a very good size and is well maintained with regular checks on the water quality.The rooms although fairly basic are clean and comfortable with good air con.

Something that the hotel web site doesnít tell you is that you can get into the sea from the side of the pool,although itís rocky the water is so clear you can see the bottom easily.

It would be unfair of me not to mention this years staff (2010) all of which are excellent.

Mehmet has added wi fi to all rooms in the hotel so if you have a laptop take it as the internet is quick and free.

An added bonus at the hotel is that you can learn to scuba dive.An English couple Jonathan and Carole can take beginners or experienced divers.They have lots of equipment including quite a large rubber motor boat.You can contact them on or visit their web sight at

And last but not least my friend Mehmet whose family own the hotel.

Mehmet is the person you need to see not just for any problems you have with your stay (sorts things out very fast), but he will also advise you of places to visit or things to see or even recommend restaurants etc.

Heís also is very open to suggestions (over a coffee) of ways to improve the hotel,so donít be shy talk to him.

Well I think thatís enough from us and we hope you all enjoy your holidays in Northern Cyprus and that you find this page useful.